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The Billionaire Guide On Marriage That Helps You Get Rich


If you want to get rich, you need a good plan and the right partner. A lot of the uber-wealthy credit their spouses for helping them achieve success.

Becoming a millionaire requires sacrifice and risk taking, so it’s important to marry someone who is on-board with your financial goals. This book shows you the proven path that thousands of ordinary folks have used to become millionaires!

1. The right man

The traditional path to wealth is to work hard, take risks and maybe start your own company. But there’s another, less-mentioned path — marrying money.

To catch the attention of a rich man, it’s important to be yourself. You don’t want to seem desperate. It’s also essential to have a good job that allows you to circulate among the wealthy, and an M.B.A is a great way to do that.

Billionaires like women who are organized, can juggle multiple projects and “tend to the household.” They also appreciate the “full package,” which is why many of them have multiple wives. Ultimately, it takes a lot of risk-taking and sacrifice to become a billionaire so you want someone who understands that and is on board with your ambitions. Besides, it’s just a lot more fun to party with friends if you have a big fat paycheck to show for it. That’s why a lot of self-made millionaires, including Warren Buffett and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, have several spouses.

2. The right woman

The traditional path to wealth involves earning it yourself: working hard, taking risks and maybe even starting a business. But there’s another highly traditional route: marrying money. Not the sort of millionaire (a dime a dozen these days) but an honest-to-goodness billionaire.

Investing legend Warren Buffett once said that the most important decision anyone makes is who they marry. Research backs him up: people with supportive spouses are more likely to give themselves the chance to succeed.

Elite matchmaker Samantha Daniels has set up thousands of millionaires. She explains that billionaires choose the woman who can be their cheerleader. “She’s able to see all of his best qualities and encourages him to step up to the plate,” she tells mbg. She also understands that his priorities can shift. “She’s willing to be flexible and meet him where he is at,” she says. “And she’s a good communicator and respectful.” For more stories like this, visit our Business Insider homepage.

3. The right environment

The most traditional route to financial wealth is to work hard, take risks, maybe build a business. But there’s another highly traditional path that isn’t talked about quite as much these days: marry money.

If you want to marry a billionaire, you have to be in the right environment. That means getting an M.B.A. so that you can circulate among the wealthy (over half of all the billionaires Money Magazine interviewed met their wives at work). It also helps to specialize in a field like art or finance, which is what many uber-rich men do.

For example, hedge fund exec Ken Griffin ($1.7 billion) collects Impressionist works. But he’s also known to buy contemporary pieces. He’s in good company: 85% of the world’s top collectors focus on modern or post-war art.

4. The right time

There is no right age to get married. Girls and boys in Bible times often got hitched as teenagers, but that was cultural, not spiritual. What matters is whether you are ready to commit for the long haul, not just in terms of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13, but also financially, housing and children.

Millionaire men want to marry women who are smart, family-oriented and empathetic. They also like women who are ambitious and goal-oriented, yet humble. Women who have a life outside of their wealth, such as running a charity or dedicating themselves to a career, show that they are not all about money.

If you are a woman interested in marrying a billionaire, attend gallery openings, meet-ups and other social events, but don’t make the mistake of trying to impress your potential spouse with money. Instead, focus on your passions and learn about the stock market and different investments. Then you will be able to discuss these issues with your millionaire date in a mature way.

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