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Product Review Roundup – The Latest Buzz on Popular Products and Trends

Product Review

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Blizzard’s latest installment in the Diablo series aims to please fans with its new take on familiar characters and features. This review roundup explores the latest reviews for the game.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus(opens in a new tab) offer a compelling upgrade over last year’s models. Samsung’s pixel-crowding dual-aperture cameras(opens in a new tab) are brighter than ever and can capture beautiful, sharp photos even in dim light. Unfortunately, nagging problems with the S9’s software make them less than perfect. 3D avatar software doesn’t work as advertised, and a new face-unlock tool is inherently insecure.

The phones are also faster than the S8 in our benchmark tests and run a few hours longer in our battery drain lab test. They’re also the first Galaxy phones with stereo speakers that deliver impressively rich and detailed audio. They’re 1.4x louder and support Dolby Atmos simulated surround sound, too. And the phones keep the foundational features of last year’s model: water and dust resistance, microSD card expansion and fast wired and wireless charging.

2. Sony Xperia XZ

Sony has a lot to offer with its flagship Xperia XZ smartphone. It looks beautiful and it offers plenty of power for daily use. It’s also water resistant and has a large screen that’s perfect for playing games.

Its 23MP sensor has what Sony calls ‘triple-sensor technology’ that includes a laser to improve autofocus and low-light performance, as well as a RGBC-IR sensor for better white balance in various lighting conditions. It’s also got what Sony calls predictive capture that tries to predict when you’ll take a picture.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a reworked version of Sony’s Xperia UI. However, this software isn’t particularly lightweight and will eat up a lot of storage space. It also comes preloaded with a number of apps that you might not need, such as the PlayStation app, Amazon’s shopping app and AVG’s antivirus software.

3. Apple iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X was the most revolutionary phone of its time. While the phone has since been replaced with newer models, it’s still one of the most fun to use.

It also has a great camera and a durable design. Plus, it will continue to receive updates for years to come.

The only real downside is the notch on the top of the display, which has been polarizing among users. This cutout houses the front-facing camera and enables Face ID facial recognition, which has been praised for its ease of setup and effectiveness.

It also looks beautiful, with a stunning OLED screen that curves to meet the polished stainless steel band that holds it in place. Millions of these will be found on Earth 10,000 years from now, perplexing space aliens who might wonder what Man knew about such perfect machines.

4. Microsoft Surface Book

When Microsoft introduced Surface Book in 2015, it was a landmark product. Its never-before-done detachable display offered the power of a workstation when necessary and flexibility as a tablet PC in other instances.

The problem with that is that the screen disconnects from the base, which houses the processor, RAM and storage. That meant there wasn’t enough room for Intel’s high-performance H-series CPUs that are typically used in laptops aimed at creatives and gamers.

That showed in our Geekbench 5.0 performance test, where the Surface Book 3 fell well short of Apple’s MacBook Pro, Dell’s XPS 15 and Asus’ Zephyrus. It also performed mediocre in our gaming tests, which makes sense given the intended use of the device.

5. Nintendo Switch

After the Wii U’s poor sales performance, Nintendo needed a game-changer to show gamers that they had what it takes. And they did just that with the Switch, which is both a home console and handheld gaming device.

It uses a unique screen that can be flipped over to function as a monitor, and you can attach a pair of Joy-Con controllers for multiplayer action. The Switch also features a modified Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, similar to the mobile devices you’d find in high-end smartphones and tablets.

While it can’t offer the cutting-edge 4K graphics of rival consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the Nintendo Switch is affordable, uniquely versatile, and — with its massive game library and fun-as-hell portability — still an appealing option for gamers.

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