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How To Get The BEST Binance Referral Code ID Bonus

Binance Referral Code

The Binance referral code that provides 20% off trading costs perpetually is the greatest. Other codes might only provide 0% to 10%. The maximum kickback that may be provided is 20%. When signing up for Binance, be sure to utilize promo codes that provide the full 20% discount to lock in your savings!

How to Sign Up and Get Your Binance Referral Code

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a Binance Referral Code ID that you may use to sign up friends for the Binance ID kickback program. In addition to learning how to make up to 50% in kickbacks (or 30% if you split the maximum amount with invitees like us), following these procedures will help you save up to 45% in fees.

Start the Binance sign-up process 

Use our Binance Referral ID to save 20% on trading costs permanently. You will be taken directly to Binance’s official website using the code when you click the link. No additional work is required of you, but there are many additional advantages.

Input your desired Password and Email 

The 20% discount will already be applied when you arrive at the Binance sign-up page, and you can then start entering the password and email that you wish your new Binance account to use. As you start to become more involved in the cryptocurrency industry, think about utilizing a password manager because the number of required passwords can really start to rise.

We recommend LastPass because of their dependability and excellent user data monitoring capability, which may be quite helpful as they can instantly notify you of any firm data breaches you have previously signed up for (worry not, Binance is still SAFU).

Accessing your account’s Referral area. The “Referral” option can be found by going to the account icon, which you must click. Click on this option when it appears on your screen. After then, you’ll be taken to the Binance referral dashboard. You will begin the process of creating your own referral ID code and link in this section.

Generating your own referral link

You have a lot of options now that you are on Binance’s referral dashboard. The one we have highlighted in our graphic above is the only one that is currently a cause for worry. To proceed to the next stage, click the “Generate your link” button.

Select the percentage discount you want to offer

The options you are now given, several of which are highlighted in the image above, show the percentages and amounts your referrers will earn in exchange for their Binance trading discounts. Once you are satisfied with the amount provided, you have the option of adding a “Note” to this particular code. If you intend to create many referral codes, giving each one a name will make it simpler for you to distinguish them in the future and will prevent confusion.

Finally, you will now be able to see your newly generated special referral code. With your own unique referral code discount, you can now share your love with anybody you choose. Press one of the buttons that are highlighted in the image above, and the Your clipboard will automatically copy the contents for simple sharing. Enjoy!

Important Reminder

Don’t forget that in order to receive the entire compensation from referral links you share, you must maintain 500 BNB in your account for an average of 30 days. Make sure to use Binance Flexible Savings to maximize the return on your investments!

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